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TC Complete Floors

TC Complete Floors are the professionals when it comes to floor sanding, staining and polishing. We have been operating for over 25 years providing our services to thousands of satistfied clients throughout Melbourne.

TC Complete Floors specialise in the repair, sanding, staining and polising of solid timber floors whether it would be an old Victorian home or a brand new ultra modern apartment. We stain and polish concrete floors and in most cases co-ordinate with concrete grinding specialists to expose the aggregates prior to polishing.

Most older style homes have timber flooring underneath old carpets which can be brought to life by TC Complete Floors, enhancing your home with a whole new look and feel. Not only are polished floor surfaces more visually appealing, they are also easier to maintain in terms of cleaning, removing stains, and eliminating dust. This in effect creates a cleaner and healthier environment particularly for asthma and allergy sufferers.

There are many options when it comes to deciding what finish to apply to your timber. The same timber species can be made to look dark or light, satin or gloss, rustic or uniform and so on. It is important that to choose the right finish as will determine the overall image and feel of your home or retail space. It is even more important that professional floor sanders and polishers are used to prepare and apply the finish correctly.

With TC Complete Floors you can't go wrong, please feel free to contact us for a free measure and quote on 0417 301 976.

TC Complete Floors provides total floor finishing services
for residential and commercial applications; both indoors and outdoors.


Floors are inspected for structural faults prior to any finish preparation work.

Where possible, we will rectify minor issues but major repairs will need to be completed by the relevant contractor.

TC Complete Floors can arrange and manage this at an additional cost if required.


Careful preparation and thorough cleaning of your floor is the key to achieving a perfect finish.

Timber floors are hand sanded in tight spots, gaps are filled, nails get punched in and quad edging is removed prior to machine sanding.

Concrete floors require the filling of cracks and pits prior to grinding which reveals its aggregates.


It is important that the right colour stain is utilised and professionally applied so that your floor feels luxurious, radiates depth and creates a lasting impact.

We can assist in your choice of Oil or Water based Polyurethanes, Oils, Hard Wax oil, Bio Varnish or Organoil stains for your timber or concrete floors.


Once the stain has cured and settled, the finishing stages commence. This involves fine sanding, buffing and polishing of the floor surface.

Depending on the stain selected, polishing will create the final seal and unify the finish over the entire floor surface whether a gloss or satin effect.

gaps, cracks, rot, splits and pits

Repairing existing floors

Any defects in the floor must be addressed before sanding or grinding. Old timber floors may have gaps between boards and at wall joints, splits along the board's length, or rotten boards. Within reason, small gaps can be filled with putty otherwise most of the issues require replacement of the board.

Concrete imperfections include cracks and pits which in most cases can be fixed using a special filler resin.

In addressing the defects properly, there will be added years of longevity to your newly finished floors.

preparation of the floors

Sand or Grind?

The preparation of your floors is the key to achieving a perfect result. Timber floors will be sanded using several abrasive grades to achieve a clean smooth surface.

Concrete floors involve a similar process where the surface is grinded in layers to reveal the aggregates within the concerete and create a uniform level.

The machines used for sanding and grinding are designed to create minimal dust.

In both cases, it is crucial that the work environment is kept spotless; free of soils, grease, and most importantly dust as these will impact on the final finish.

bring your timber to life

Choosing the right finish

There are many timber varieties available and many options when it comes to deciding the timber's finish. You may choose to bring its natural colours to life; add a tint to chnage its tone or colour; or apply an effect to suit the mood of its environtment.

If your floor is concrete, the most common method of finish is either a clear satin or clear gloss as you are emphasising the aggregates in the concrete.

The swatch on the left gives an approximate visual representation of each timber species. It is not a definitive guide to timber types.

polish, buff and rejuvenate

the finishing touch

Once the applied floor finish has cured, the floor recieves a final polish to protect and seal the surface.

T.C. Complete Floors are also able to rejuvenate your dull, worn and scuffed floors by buffing out marks and polishing to bring them back to life.

Rejuvenating your floors enhances the appeal of your home and adds to its value instantly.


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